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Packing IT Crates

We pack IT Crates using the following method -

Firstly ensure the equipment being moved is labelled with its destination location (e.g. floor, desk number) using our easy peel labels.

This information needs to be transferred onto an easy peel label on the outside of the Crate.

If a colour coding scheme is in operation (labels of different colours may be used to indicate move dates, team or section designation or final locations) then this also needs to be followed.

Assuming that the PC is already powered down and has had 15 minutes or so to cool down, and all components are disconnected.

Wrap the base unit in anti-static bubble wrap and place this in a transit blanket

Place the wrapped base unit flat in the bottom of the crate

Protect the monitor using either anti-static bubble-wrap bags or LCD screen protectors and place carefully into the crate so that movement of the screen is limited.

Pack any smaller items and cables into anti-static bubble-wrap bags and pack around the base unit.

Close the integral lid and if required, seal with a tamper evident security seal.

Crates are stacked when full and are typically moved in stack of 2 for IT crates .

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